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Foro Zagaleta 2018: Videos

Speeches 2018

Oswald J. Grübel

Welcoming words

Oswald J. Grübel, Chairman, Zagaleta.

Brian Cohen, Peter Jungen

Fire side chat: Investing like a Super Angel

Brian Cohen, Chairman New York Angels, and Peter Jungen, Chairman of Peter Jungen Holding GmbH.

Candace Johnson

Keynote: The world has never needed so much connectivity, interactivity and instant infrastructure – view on investing in space

Candace Johnson, Serial Space Entrepreneur, Investor, President EBAN.

Carlos Domingo

Keynote: State of affairs in crypto, tokens and blockchain

Carlos Domingo, Founder SpiceVC.

Carlos Domingo, Álvaro Villacorta, Peter Ivankay. Moderator: Juan José Güemes

Panel discussion: Blockchain

Carlos Domingo, Founder SpiceVC; Álvaro Villacorta, Founder Likido; Peter Ivankay, Wealth Management Innovation Lab, UBS. Moderator: Juan José Güemes, VP Economic Affairs, IE Business School.

Carsten Koerl, Alexander White, Alexander Fink, Johann Hansi Hansmann. Moderator: James Breiding

Panel discussion: How to invest in Startups

Carsten Koerl, Founder and CEO, Sportradar; Alexander White, Founder, Alexander White; Cyrus Soroush, Entrepreneur; Alexander Fink, Head of Investor Relations, British Pearl; Johann Hansi Hansmann, President, Austrian Angels Investors Association. Moderator: James Breiding,  Founder, Naissance Capital.

Michael Volker

Investing opportunities per geographical regions keynote: Overview on Angel investing in Canada and the USA

Michael Volker, CEO VANTEC, Director NACO.

Marcus Dantus

Keynote: Top reasons why LATAM is ripe for investment

Marcus Dantus, CEO Startup Mexico.

Tomi Davies

Keynote: The African Angel investing opportunity – The time to invest in Africa is now

Tomi Davies, President African Business Angels Network (ABAN).

Hussein Kanji

Keynote: The rise of startup investing in Europe

Hussein Kanji, Founding Partner, Hoxton Ventures.

Michael Volker, Tomi Davies, Marcus Dantus, Hussein Kanji. Moderator: Gabriel Castelló

Panel discussion: Investing opportunities in Canada, USA, LATAM, Africa and Europe

Michael Volker, Tomi Davies, Marcus Dantus, Hussein Kanji. Moderator: Gabriel Castelló, Global Wealth Management Executive Vice Chairman, UBS Switzerland AG.

Bernardo Hernández

Keynote: Latest trends in innovation and business models

Bernardo Hernández, General Partner, e.ventures.

Ignacio Pérez

Closing words by Zagaleta

Ignacio Pérez Díaz, Head of Business Development, Zagaleta Group.

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