Guidance for company and employers to plan and respond to coronavirus disease 2019

La Zagaleta has organised for all of its employees involved in real estate development to work remotely and is doing a minimal amount of work in the offices used to provide services to property owners, with an on-call team of no more than two employees.

Every day, and for as short a time as possible, the server and computer maintenance technician goes to the workplace to check the technology allowing employees to work from home.

Operators who carry out maintenance work on clients’ properties are kept to a minimum, with the aim of preventing damage to the buildings.
We regularly disinfect common areas in La Zagaleta.

The company always complies with the duty to protect in order to guarantee the health and safety of its employees, with its protocols being even more demanding than the measures set by the Spanish Government and Health authorities.

They have postponed all work which requires more than one operator to do in order to ensure the appropriate safe distance between employees when they are working.

Workplace and company vehicles are also disinfected at the end of every day.

Regarding the Club, all leisure activities have been suspended and only minimal services carried out to maintain the golf courses. There is a basic restaurant service which only provides take away food to vulnerable people living in the complex.

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