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Startups, trends in innovation and smart investment are some of the ideas shared at the sixth edition of Foro Zagaleta 2018

To be a great Business Angel you need to know how to choose the sectors and projects to invest in, surround yourself with other sponsors who have a great deal of knowledge, diversify in several investment projects, and more than anything, be lucky and prepared to lose. These are some of the main ideas shared at the sixth edition of Foro Zagaleta on April 6th, 2018, in Marbella, which was attended by numerous businessmen and senior-level international executives.

Zagaleta has once again become the meeting place to open up the future of new generations of entrepreneurs. The Startups trying their luck all have one common denominator: they are technological projects seeking to respond to problems in an innovative way. Among the huge amount of ideas and projects out there, the latest trends in innovation and the business models investors should keep an eye on are the development of new software, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, and blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, which have brought about a revolution in the traditional means of payment.

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Foro Zagaleta Foro Zagaleta @Foro_Zagaleta @thinkconsumer Closing words, thanked all the speakers and panellists who shared and transferred their knowledge du… 3 months ago
Foro Zagaleta Foro Zagaleta @Foro_Zagaleta “Silicon Valley has created the same amount of wealth in 20 years as two of the biggest European countries in the w… 3 months ago
Foro Zagaleta Foro Zagaleta @Foro_Zagaleta Panel discussion: Investing opportunities in Canada, USA, LATAM, Africa and Europe. Do not miss it! @MichaelVolker 3 months ago
Foro Zagaleta Foro Zagaleta @Foro_Zagaleta “Although London is currently the leading market, France is now appearing as a great alternative for R&D in artific… 3 months ago
Foro Zagaleta Foro Zagaleta @Foro_Zagaleta “Africa has evolved from being a continent that was once seen as a lost cause to a vibrant land of opportunities, e… 3 months ago
Foro Zagaleta Foro Zagaleta @Foro_Zagaleta How blockchain has affected business and startups and is changing the world as we know it. #ForoZagaleta #Zagaleta 3 months ago
Foro Zagaleta Foro Zagaleta @Foro_Zagaleta The future of money on the Internet What exactly are Bitcoin, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies? Is it safe to invest… 3 months ago
Foro Zagaleta Foro Zagaleta @Foro_Zagaleta “If we don’t invest in the next generation, we’ll have a lost generation. Being a Business Angel is the best way to… 3 months ago
Foro Zagaleta Foro Zagaleta @Foro_Zagaleta Investing in Startups is not only a financially interesting alternative for patrons with high net worth. It is also… 3 months ago
Foro Zagaleta Foro Zagaleta @Foro_Zagaleta Oswald J. Grübel, Chairman of Zagaleta, kicked off Foro Zagaleta 2018 at the Zagaleta Country Club on April 6th in… 3 months ago
Foro Zagaleta Foro Zagaleta @Foro_Zagaleta How did our Foro Zagaleta 2018 turn out? See all details in our web. "Smart Investment in Startup" #Zagaleta 3 months ago
Foro Zagaleta Foro Zagaleta @Foro_Zagaleta Muchas gracias a todos los medios que han dado cobertura a nuestro evento #ForoZagaleta #Prensa #Gracias #Thanks 3 months ago

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Event info

Event info

In today’s world, where investing with high returns is challenging, investing in startups can be one interesting alternative. Join high qualified experts to discuss and analyze what it means to be a successful investor in startups. Experienced business angels and industry leaders from different sectors will share their best practices.



Investing like a Super Angel, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and ICOs, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Big data.

Keynote speakers

Keynote Speakers

Serial entrepreneurs, Super Angels, investors, founders of pioneering companies and international speakers.



8.30am – 4.30pm
Including cocktail lunch in our amazing Country Club.

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