La Zagaleta

Hi mom, sorry I haven t written you in a while...

A letter from paradise

Days seems to fly when you have time for great adventures. So thinks Sophie when she begins the first lines of this emotional letter where she tells her mother that living in Zagaleta is incredible … “unlike anything we could have imagined”. Something resembling that thing, often elusive and almost always volatile, that we call happiness.

Way of life
Way of life
Way of life
I can see passion in his eyes that haven´t seen in years...

Sophie, Peter & the kids

When they arrived at Zagaleta for the first time, they did not imagine a better place to stay. The house, the sun, the views, the sea … and something crucial for Sophie: a passion in Peter’s eyes that she had not seen in years. What about the children …? What are we willing to do just to see them smile?

Way of life

What does Zagaleta have that makes it so unique and special?
Discover every detail with our timeline starring in Zagaleta social networks.

This was the best thing that could have happened for our family...

A new home

Peter is still surprised by the majesty of lines and curves that make up the design of Zagaleta’s properties. Every detail counts, that is why he often stops, discovers something new, puts a smile on his face and finds his home as fascinating as the first day. Sophie, simply thinks, that moving here is the best thing that could have happened to her family.

Way of life
Way of life
Way of life
I truly feel that this is the life that we were meant to live...

Time for adventures in Marbella

Such an exclusive estate can only be in such a privileged enclave. Going shopping, strolling along the beach, visiting museums or walking through natural landscapes of unusual beauty are also among the favorite activities of Sophie, Peter and the kids every weekend. A whole world to discover.

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