New prime properties

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Luxuriously spacious, marble floors, luscious greenery, indoor and outdoor pools, unforgettable views… the offering is unrivalled. Explore in greater depth the features which make each villa unique and enticing.

  • Baroque House

    Baroque House

    Enjoying the best elevation within Zagaleta, this beautifully crafted contemporary home looks out over a panoramic expanse of wooded hills, flowing green golf courses, the Marbella coastline and the Mediterranean Sea.

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  • Halcyon House

    Halcyon House

    The word Halcyon denotes a sense of cherished wellbeing, and the villa named after it offers exactly that – one of the most imposing Zagaleta New Prime Properties of all… everything about this home speaks of quality and discernment.

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  • Salucci House

    Salucci House

    Like a white pearl glistening in the sun, this stylish modern Mediterranean villa finds itself surrounded by gorgeous natural greenery, blue skies and the azure Mediterranean Sea on the horizon.

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  • Capriccio House

    Capriccio House

    The vistas are the undulating fairways and greens of the New Golf Course and the sparkling lake. The delightful New Clubhouse is also nearby, but it is the peace and nature that will capture your heart.

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  • Ibiza Breeze House

    Ibiza Breeze House

    Sleek, white and contemporary, this airy, breezy villa brings the unique fresh Mediterranean look of Ibiza to Marbella, where it finds its expression in the luxury, quality and generous proportions of a Zagaleta home.

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