Investing opportunities per geographical regions keynote: Overview on angel investing in Canada and the USA

Michael Volker


“Angel investing in Canada and the USA”

Business Angels have become an increasingly common figure in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. These are high-risk investors who put their capital in several seed phase projects in the hope that some of them emerge as “unicorns” in the not too distant future. Angel investors are wealthy individuals who invest their personal funds into early-stage firms. In addition to funding, they tend to contribute industry and managerial expertise to the entrepreneur.

During the sixth edition of Foro La Zagaleta in Benahavís (Malaga), Michael Volker, CEO VANTEC, Director NACO, and an angel investor for over 30 years and an entrepreneur active in the development of new high technology ventures, spoke about “what it takes to be a successful investor and business angel” and added that “only 4% of Canadians are angel investors, and that’s why crowdfunding became so popular”. Anyone with enough resources – an “accredited investor” with a million dollars or more in investable assets – can technically become an angel. But it’s not easy to do it well.

His talk about the vision of angel investing in the USA and Canada and how to become a smart angel investor was heard during the event that brought together 25 of the world’s leading angel investors at the luxury residential development in Marbella to give their views on the global economy.

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