Panel discussion: Investing opportunities in Canada, USA, LATAM, Africa and Europe

Michael Volker, Marcus Dantus, Tomi Davies, Hussein Kanji

Investments and business opportunities by geographical regions

The sixth edition of Foro Zagaleta in Benahavís brought together 25 of the world’s leading angel investors to share their views on the global economy in different parts of the world. After individual presentations from Michael Volker, CEO VANTEC, on investment possibilities in the US and Canada; Latin America’s potential from Marcus Dantus, CEO Startup Mexico; the time to invest in Africa from Tomi Davies, President of the African Business Angel Network (ABAN), and investment possibilities in Europe from Hussein Kanji, Founding Partner, Hoxton Ventures; Gabriel Castelló, Global Wealth Management Executive Vice Chairman, UBS Switzerland AG presided over the panel discussion with these four specialists to speak about the advantages, disadvantages and synergies in each of the regions.

The panel discussed topics such as corruption, the lack of security when it comes to investing in Latin America, the absence of regulation in Africa and the more established investment systems in Europe and North America during the event held at the residential complex’s social club, Zagaleta Country Club in Zagaleta, specialising in luxury villas and properties.

Building a successful company is a complex process based on previous experiences. Angel investors constitute a great opportunity for Startup businesses. They provide necessary funding for the companies in their early stage of development and business experience. In general, as there are different types of entrepreneurs, there are also different types of angel investors. The panel discussion about “Smart Investment in Startups depending on geographical regions” brought different point of view and some useful advice to invest on Startups worldwide.

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