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Home Services at Zagaleta

Home Services

A home requires constant care and even the smallest of tasks take precious time. The aim of Zagaleta Service Management is to cater to our residents beyond what the traditional concierge is capable of doing, and our commitment to getting to know our clients allows us to anticipate their needs, ensuring their precious time at Zagaleta is spent free of everyday chores.

Our years of expertise and close relationships with providers worldwide allow us to serve our clients even when they are outside of Spain. It is our way of offering peace of mind, just a phone call or email away.


Home Services

À la carte services

We offer residents à la carte services ranging from language tutors and helicopter transfers to integrated property management and maintenance packages including pool cleaning and daily housekeeping.

Gardening and Landscaping

One of our core services involves year-round landscaping to ensure your home’s gardens and grounds are always in immaculate condition. This includes not only maintenance but also landscaping whenever required, and ensures you enjoy the most beautiful garden for each of the seasons.

Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi Care

Keeping your property’s swimming pool and jacuzzi in a perfect state is another extension of this service, and it involves thorough cleaning and technical maintenance, as well as periodic emptying, treating and refilling to ensure year-round use.

Housekeeping and Laundry

Our housekeeping and laundry services are similarly tailored to your exact needs, making sure everything is spic and span both when you’re at home or away. Having the same person performing the housekeeping service means they know your home and preferences.

Periodic Home Inspections

In addition to the above we provide regular home inspections to check on maintenance details and guarantee that the home’s technical infrastructure is in full working order. This is designed to avoid problems, and both detect and deal with them early on.

Home Deliveries and Shopping

If you desire, we can source suppliers of products and services on your behalf, be there for deliveries or to oversee installation work, and also provide shopping services detailed to your personal needs and preferences.

From general housekeeping and maintenance, as well as safe keyholding and preparing your home for unexpected houseguests, to ensuring your golf buggy is charged up and ready to go, we are entirely at your service.

Home Services
Home Services

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