A modern dimension


Technology is an integral part


No modern home can be without an ever-growing list of contemporary functionalities that are regarded as luxuries because of the convenience and efficiency they offer. Together, they are now clustered in a centralised control system that is often referred to as Home Automation, and in the case of luxury homes such systems are designed and presented according to the specific preferences of their owners.


A very modern dimension of Comfort and Luxury

Home automation systems that control security, lighting, entertainment systems, climate control and also practical functions such as blinds and irrigation are therefore made to measure to fit in with the needs and preferences of the home’s owner. Greater bespoke flexibility of this kind is also reflected in the control displays, which are increasingly designed for easy, intuitive use on the part of the home’s occupants.

Developments in this field mean new features are constantly being added, and our technical teams and collaborating specialists can design and install the latest systems in lighting, entertainment systems, security, remote digital management and home automation to ensure your Zagaleta villa operates efficiently while offering the last word in comfort and style.


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