Supercars roar out of Sweden from Koenigsegg Automotive
April 18th, 2018

Supercars roar out of Sweden from Koenigsegg Automotive

There are seven billion people in the world and around 140 Koenigsegg cars in existence. With odds of owning such as motor at 1 in 50 million, it’s a rare work of extreme engineering and thrilling, sporty looks.

Car enthusiast and entrepreneur Christian first started dreaming about building the world’s fastest car when he was just five years old.

It might have taken him nearly 40 years to realise that ambition, but in 2014 Swedish-born Koenigsegg debuted the world’s then fastest road car: the One:1, a supercar that races from zero to 400km/h in just under 20 seconds. His vision to create the perfect supercar has never wavered, and his instinctive feel for engineering and innovation has driven the company to develop and manufacture the world’s fasted road-legal car in 2017, the luxury Regera.

Supercars roar out of Sweden from Koenigsegg Automotive

Each model that Christian and his team at Koenigsegg Automotive AB develop showcases the merging of refined cutting edge technological innovation with a fusion of contemporary and futuristic styling. His cars are expressive statements of modern design, engineering and a love for the open road. His vision was to develop a lightweight, mid-engine car with a detachable roof and after releasing various experimental prototypes, the Koenigsegg company sold its first production car in 2001.

Koenigsegg sculpts its own manifolds, builds its own engines that are surgically fitted onto its famously tight, low-slung chassis. It’s all part of the company’s commitment to art, design, engineering, innovation and performance.

Throughout Koenigsegg Automotive’s life the cars produced are recognisably from the same company, with rooflines and elegantly sculptured designs exuding a range of emotions from exclusivity, and sportiness to luxury and speed. Koenigsegg cars are described as ‘extreme and competitive’ and are instantly recognisable by the shield logo on the front bonnet.

Following a fire at the company’s original factory the cars are now designed, machined and constructed in a former aircraft hangar on a decommissioned air base once used by the Swedish Air Force’s ‘Ghost Squadron’, in the remote western fishing village of Ängelholm. In respect of the history of the famous Ghost Squadron, each Koenigsegg model now has a ghost sticker at the back of the car.

Supercars roar out of Sweden from Koenigsegg Automotive

The car is packed with exciting new technology, including a custom designed, tuned titanium exhaust system developed in conjunction with exhaust specialists and partners, Akrapovic. This unique exhaust system includes a fish tail outlet, designed by Christian himself, a feature that had not been seen on production cars for at least half a century – bringing back the sound of performance cars from the past.

Christian von Koenigsegg has spent a lifetime developing some of the world’s finest hypercars, with incredible attention to detail from styling to engineering. The unmistakably sharp, angular cars turn heads around the world as they break speed records, inspire car lovers and use engineering evolution to refine and redefine the driving experience.

Specs for the 2017 Koenigsegg Regera

Built 2017
Top speed: 250 mph (est.)
Body style: coupe
Acceleration: 0-60 mph time: 2.8 sec
Combustion engine power: 1,100 HP on 91 octane DIN or 95 octane RON (a bit more on E85)
Electric propulsion: 700 HP
Combined torque: over 1.475 lb-ft

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