Canali’s latest collection
June 01th, 2018

Canali’s latest collection

This season Canali presents a new collection to elegantly celebrate those important events in life. Refined lines, luminous colors and luxurious materials comprise the label’s Cerimonia collection for this season.

When it comes to menswear, Canali’s formalwear collection is your choice to stylishly mark that special milestone. Their formalwear collection presents a palette of dark sophisticated blues, iconic grays and classic blacks.

Suits and tuxedos are further enhanced with bold herringbone or geometric motifs and subtle yet refined fabric textures. Their sartorial expertise is evident in the smallest of details, from rounded hems, to contrasting lapels to fabric-covered buttons.

Canali’s latest collection
Photos by Canali © 2018 |

When it comes to special occasions a three-piece suit is de rigueur. With this in mind, Canali proposes their take on these classic garments with a modern-day touch. The ensemble is given a sleek silhouette with romantic allure. Details like labels, which can be classic, peak or shawl, add character to the overall look.

The contemporary groom exudes elegance in a gray tuxedo with soft shawl collar and matching five-button vest. The ensemble is completed with an Ascot necktie that dons a touch of luminosity and a pair of hand-polished calfskin loafers. For your next memorable occasion, turn to Canali who affirm that “every story in but a stitch in time.”

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