Zagaleta New Indoor Arena
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September 12th, 2018

Zagaleta New Indoor Arena

Horse Exhibition in Zagaleta at the Equestrian Centre: A wonderful night, full of details and emotions.

On September 6th, Zagaleta Country Club had the pleasure to organize an exclusive opening event for its newly renovated Equestrian Center, featuring performances from two world class riders: Juan Manuel Muñoz Díaz, who represented Spain in individual dressage and in team at the 2012 Olympic Games, and David Chaves, who professionally performs the art of Spanish horsemanship. Mr. Muñoz Díaz presented an introduction to the competitive dressage movements, while Mr. Chaves performed Andalusian equestrian arts.

A wonderful night, full of details and emotions.

The evening began at six thirty in the afternoon with a splendid weather. The guests arrived little by little to the Equestrian Center where they could already enjoy the walks of the beautiful horses and beautiful “gitanas”.

The show began around seven in the afternoon with classical dressage, a team dressage parade with impressive “frills” by D. David Chaves, plenty of beautiful coordinated movements where the riders demonstrated their skill in group and where the music accompanied them in a synchronized way with a very special beauty, a carousel with advanced horse riding exercises.

Zagaleta New Indoor Arena

Then, “Jobs in the hand” took the track making “dance to the horses” with movements such as Levadas, Cabriolas, Corvettes, Spanish Step, Long Reins …

Moment of the individual taming of the hand of Juan Manuel Muñoz Díaz, who represented Spain in individual and team taming in the 2012 Olympic Games, which offered an impressive show and great mastery.

Zagaleta New Indoor Arena

After the show, the guests could enjoy a wonderful catering in the stable yard offered by the Zagaleta Country Club, seasoned with delicious textures offered by the Zagaleta Gourmet Shop and with Spanish guitar music.

A magical night surrounded by color, friends and art that launched the new Indoor Arena of the Equestrian Club.

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