Art Wanson Gallery – Sandra Ackermann exhibition in Marbella
May 31th, 2018

Art Wanson Gallery – Sandra Ackermann exhibition in Marbella

Art Wanson Gallery in Marbella, welcomes the summer season with a fascinating exhibition, both for visitors and for people who want to get close to enjoy it: the first exhibition in Spain by Sandra Ackermann.

The gallery brings together the work of Sandra Ackermann under the title “Women between naturalness and stylization”.

The German artist presents a particular universe of delicate feminine and suggestive symbolic figures, with those who make a criticism of the beauty codes imposed by the real and actual society. His works, a dip analysis of the consumer society with numerous socio-political references, are therefore a subtle critique of the ideal of feminine beauty, since, a priori, as they do not seem provocative or impactful works.

Art Wanson Gallery – Sandra Ackermann exhibition in Marbella

The sample that arrives to Marbella is composed of a single work, including Men falling and Blessed forever. Emphasizes Feather Garden, with a reference to ancient Greece, where beauty lies in the perfection of proportions.

The prestigious gallery, headquartered at the Marbella Club · Golf & Resort Spa hotel, presents a selection of works by the German artist from May 11th to June 30th.

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