Key Trends Making a Difference Spanish Food Production
April 02th, 2019

Key Trends Making a Difference Spanish Food Production

As climate change, dietary shifts and technology continue to influence our world, the food sector has to adapt to these changing requirements. The following are key trends in Spanish food sector.

In Spain several measures have been implemented to meet these changing dietary requirements. New crops like quinoa, currently grown in Andalusia, are on sharp rise in order to meet with domestic and international demands. Spanish farmers have embraced technology for two fundamental reasons: to increase efficiency and to improve sustainability.

Key Trends Making a Difference Spanish Food Production
Key Trends Making a Difference Spanish Food Production

The latter has seen a shift to green energy sources, while technology has been seen in the use of drones to control crops. Research and technology have also been applied in the development of drought-resistant seeds.

Spanish food industry takes sustainability to the next level with agrarian practices that are committed to adequately manage water, foster inclusive economic growth and equality and promote innovation. Sophisticated irrigation programs allow for localized irrigation in areas of need without wasting resources.

Food production has also been affected by changing consumer interests that have increased demand for organic foods and vegetable proteins, product traceability, allergen and intolerance requirements and eco-friendly packaging. The restaurant industry has also incorporated these novelties.

The digitalization of restaurant management allows a more efficient management of suppliers, orders, staff organization, reservations and waste reduction. Similarly, more and more restaurants have adopted ethical codes to reduce waste whilst keeping consumers happy.

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