Zagaleta Lifestyle Magazine nº 26 – Editor’s note
August 03th, 2018

Zagaleta Lifestyle Magazine nº 26 – Editor’s note

Welcome to the 26th edition of our new rebranded magazine ZAGALETA LIFE. This new appellative is inspired on our vision to provide a new perspective inside out and outside in of the Zagaleta Lifestyle, preserving our brand DNA whilst transmitting glances of our unique way of life. This new concept is now alive 24/7 throught our online version and social media channels to keep you updated around the world. Please keep in direct contact with us through our social media accounts and share your pride with our hashtag #Zagaleta.

In this new issue, It is a pleasure to share with all our readers a large list of avant-garde articles and contents to entertain and inform about the latest news and developments in economics, technology, innovation, art, culture and design of the most relevant brands in the world, being able to transmit the unmistakable lifestyle and philosophy of Zagaleta.

A groundbreaking year for all, that the great generational, technological and cultural changes are causing life-long disruptive movements within organizations, changes that range from the implementation of new forms of technology, new business models, or different types of management.

That is why, in this edition, we do not want to miss the opportunity to offer our small tribute to the great businessman who returned the profitability to the Fiat Group Automobiles division (FGA) with brands such as Fiat, Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Fiat Professional, Ferrari, Maserati and Chrysler Group (Fiat Chrysler Automobile) and our front cover man, Sergio Marchionne, one of the leaders of the oldest motor industry.

In his last press conference, he confessed that “the motor industry is the most turbulent market, so manufacturers need to advance events at least in the following ten years, if they want to succeed in this field”, offering their expertise in the world of the motor that has survived for long years full of changes such as the arrival of the electric car, eco-friendly products, and autonomous driving systems.

According to Marchionne, “robotic technology is going to be a very important point of inflection in the motor world, with the automated systems of independent driving heading and the one that does not want or can adapt will have a short future”.

He transmitted it with total security and from his own experience, since we cannot forget that the company’s price has skyrocketed by 30%, together with a specific growth in the Jeep itself, which maintains millions in annual sales, after a long crisis of the group of brands.

With these small lines from Zagaleta we want to convey to this great entrepreneur our admiration for a life full of great achievements and successes, for having known how to reinvent ourselves and continue overcoming adversities and for have been an example of courage by innovating and being leader in the changes of the motor industry.

Ignacio Pérez Díaz
Head of Business Development,
Zagaleta Group

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