Zagaleta´s Next Generations – Exclusive Interview
April 18th, 2018

Zagaleta´s Next Generations – Exclusive Interview

Zagaleta´s Next Generations, family heritage is a tricky concept; being handed down a series of values, know-how or privileges comes, of course, with great responsibility. However, the continuity of that skill set is by far the greatest challenge. For younger generations born into successful families, the added pressure of all things intrinsic to the millennial bracket, like the entrepreneurial spirit, come into play.

Zagaleta’s residents are robust with talent; some have risen from very modest beginnings and reached multinational status. Now however, we look to second- generation of property owners, students and young professionals who face the future with great ambition.

We head to London, again, where a Zagaleta part-time resident – Alexandra Whitehand works.

Alexandra is 25 years old and she lives in Peckham. Born and raised in Kent, Alex now works as a chartered surveyor for Cushman & Wakefield. She is a big fan of Charlton Athletic football club, enjoys socialising with friends and colleagues and loves travelling, whenever work allows her to do it. Here, we delve a bit deeper into her life and projects.

Zagaleta: Tell us a little about your family story and your studies or current professional ventures.

Alexandra Whitehand: I grew up in Kent with my parents and younger sister, Charlie. We are a very close family who still, to this day, do a lot together including holidaying and frequent Sunday lunches. I recently qualified as a chartered surveyor at C&W and will be joining the retail agency department from January. I am very much looking forward to starting this role in an area I find fascinating and hope I can help create interesting places for people to shop and socialise.

Zagaleta: What are your long-term plans? What do you see yourself achieving in the future?

Alexandra Whitehand: As I am just about to start a new role it is hard to see past my short-term goals. However, one day I would love to find an opportunity to use what I do to live and work abroad in order to experience another culture and challenge myself in a different way.

Zagaleta: What are the greatest challenges of your generation?

Alexandra Whitehand: I believe one of the biggest challenges for my generation is being able to use technology productively whilst not being consumed by it. I feel that more and more people are becoming addicted to using technology and documenting their lives on social media that we are not living life in the moment or to its fullest.

Zagaleta: Your 3 favourites books?

Alexandra Whitehand: My favourite books are the Harry Potter collection – which were such a big part of my childhood- I Am Pilgrim, and The Last Family in England.

Zagaleta: What things do you not like doing?

Alexandra Whitehand: I do not particularly like selfish people who have little regard for others or the world around them. I also don’t like having to use the London Underground in summer and early mornings.

Zagaleta: What is the single-most important thing you have learned from your parents?

Alexandra Whitehand: Whenever I used to worry or be scared about something (usually involving needles) my parents always used to tell me that ‘tomorrow is another day, what you are worrying about will soon be over and forgotten.’

Zagaleta: Can you recall your first memories of living or holidaying at Zagaleta?

Alexandra Whitehand: Zagaleta holds lots of happy memories for
me. I spent every summer of my childhood there. But my earliest memory has to be stubbornly insisting on swimming in a freezing cold pool in February with my best friend, despite the threat of pneumonia!

Zagaleta: Do you have a favourite place at Zagaleta?

Alexandra Whitehand: Going to Zagaleta for me means spending time with family and friends. Therefore, there is no better place than sat on the balcony sharing stories, eating, drinking, and enjoying the view.

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