Zagaleta Lifestyle Magazine nº 25 – Editor´s note
April 09th, 2018

Zagaleta Lifestyle Magazine nº 25 – Editor´s note

I would like to start these lines sharing with you the celebration of the launch of this magazine special edition magazine, Zagaleta Lifestyle Magazine nº 25,  “it celebrates its silver jubilee” and on behalf of the entire Zagaleta Lifestyle Magazine team we thank you for joining us in this beautiful journey.

Twenty-five editions with the intention of transmitting the essence of privileged and exclusive lifestyle in Zagaleta, creativity, amazing avant-garde content, images, design and very exclusive articles, so, in D. Bernard Arnault (LVMH Moët Hennesy Louis Vuitton SE) words, our business model is built with a long-term vision in which our projects are based on creativity while preserving quality and our distinctive identity, highly valued by the younger generations that is “pushing hard”.

There is no doubt that the new digital era poses challenges for all brands in all sectors, but more so in the luxury sector, the first and most important of all: balancing the traditional world of luxury and exclusivity with the new digital world that is available to all, democratization or hermeticism?

Immediately the answer comes to our mind: we have to be up to this new era.

What better example than the LVMH house and Bernard Arnault’s, like Alexandre Arnault, very focused on digital strategy and investment in technology, by the way, very active in social networks like Instagram, so much so, that the brand has launched the Clos 19, a luxury online store allowing customers to buy clothing, beverages, perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry from their mobile device or PC’s , but even more, to have a virtual experiential visits to the Glenmorangie LVMH distillery in Scotland. Also 24 Sèvres, a global e-commerce platform with mobile application.

The luxury sector has to understand that it is necessary to improve the ‘consumer journey’ being close to the new generations, since increasingly, the purchases of luxury properties are originated digitally.

For all this, Zagaleta is in the process of adding value on the online experience of our users, in which we can improve the direct interaction with our customers, we think that it is useless to have an excellent personal experience with our customers if they want to come back and to obtain more information on tablet or mobile, this difference vanishes.

We want the experience of our brand in the digital environment to be remembered and/or complemented by the experience of visiting Zagaleta, in addition, the digital environment will allow our customers to personalize their homes (will be possible thanks to a private area in ​​our website with exclusive access), our social networks will enable us to provide our clients and followers with cultural and inspiring information about art, design, fashion and about the lifestyle of Zagaleta, always preserving our values ​​and preserving our identity.

Ignacio Pérez Díaz
Head of Business Development,
Zagaleta Group

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